Michael Hansmeyer
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Digital Grotesque II in Figures


• Algorithmically generated geometry

• 1.3 billion surfaces

• 42 billion voxels

• 156 GB production data


• Sand-printed elements

(silica and binder)

• 3.1 x 3.5 x 2.1 meters

• 827 square meters surface area

• 7.0 tons of printed sandstone

• 0.28 mm layer resolution, 300 dpi

Design Development:



2 years

1 month

2 days


and assembly:
  Michael Thomas
Philippe Steiner

Allegra Stucki
Florentin Duelli
Jan Francisco Anduaga
Katharina Wepler
Lorenz Brunnner
Nicolas Harter
Dominik Keller
Max Spett

Digital support:   Matthias Leschok
Alvaro Lopez

Photos:   Fabrice Dall'Anese
Michael Lyrenmann
Demetris Shammas
Jann Erhard
Hyunchul Kwon

Video:   Kaufmann & Gehring

Partners and Sponsors

Chair for Digital Building Technologies, ETH Zurich
Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich
Centre Pompidou
Christenguss AG
Bosshard + Co. AG
Suter Elektro AG
Digital Grotesque II is a commission by Centre Pompidou, Paris, for its permanent collection. It premiered at its 'Imprimer le monde' exhibition in March 2017.

The geometry was calculated on the Euler High-Performance Computing Cluster at ETH Zurich. Components were printed on ExOne printers by Christenguss AG.
Please see www.digital-grotesque.com for further images and a full project description.