Design et Merveilleux / Design and the Wondrous: On the Nature of Ornament
Design et Merveilleux
Edited by M.A. Brayer and M. Dancer-Mourès
HYX Editions, Paris, 2020
ISBN 978-2373820157
Digital Grotesque II
Architecture and Naturing Affairs / Mihye An
Architecture and Naturing Affairs
Edited by Mihye An and Ludger Hovestadt
Birkhäuser, Berlin 2020, PDF download
ISBN 978-3035622126
Zauberflöte stage design
How Will People Live Tomorrow book, 人は明日どう生きるのか 未来像の更新新刊
How Will People Live Tomorrow
Edited by Fumio Nanjo / Academy Hills
Tokyo, 2020
ISBN 978-4-7571-4356-2
Muqarna Mutation (p.73-77)
Future and the Arts book
Future and the Arts
Fumio Nanjo and Kenichi Kondo
Bijutsu Shuppan-Sha, Tokyo, 2020
ISBN 978-4-568-10523-0
Muqarna Mutation (p.54-57)
Robotic Building book
Robotic Building
Mollie Claypool et al.
Edition DETAIL, London, 2019
ISBN 978-3955534240
Digital Grotesque II (p.48-49)
Computational Design book
Computational Design
Neil Leach, Philip Yuan
Tongji University Press, Shanghai, 2018
ISBN 978-7560873336
Procedural Shapes (V. Bühlmann)
Artistes & Robots exhibition catalog
Artistes & Robots
Jérome Neutres, Laurence Bertrande Dorléac
RMN Grand Palais, Paris, 2018
ISBN 978-2-7118-7109-4
Astana Columns installation (p.144-149)
Artists & Robots book
Artists & Robots
Exhbition - Astana Contemporary Arts Center
RMN Grand Palais, Paris, 2017
ISBN 978-2-7118-7036-3
Astana Columns installation
Future Cities 6 book
Future Cities 6
Edited by Nic Clear and Neil Spiller
University of Greenwich, London, 2017
ISBN 978-0-9935909-3-1
Digital Grotesque II (p.10-15)
Imprimer le Monde book
Imprimer le Monde
Editions du Centre Pompidou
HYX Paris, 2017
ISBN 978-2-37382-006-5
Digital Grotesque II (p.266-267)
Out of Hand - Materialising the Digital book
Out of Hand - Materialising the Digital
Jo Lyons
MAAS Media, Sydney, 2016
ISBN 978-1-86317-1724
Subdivided Column (p.74-77)
Atlas of Fantastic Infrastructures book
Atlas of Fantastic Infrastructures
Mihye An
Birkhäuser, Basel, 2016
ISBN 978-3-0356-0628-7
Domes and Columns (p.166-169)
Digital Handmade - Craftsmanship in the New Industrial Revolution book
Digital Handmade - Craftsmanship in the New Industrial Revolution
Lucy Johnston
Thames and Hudson, London, 2015
ISBN 978-0500517857
Digital Grotesque
Printing Things - Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing book
Printing Things - Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing
Claire Warnier et al.
Gestalten Verlag, Berlin, 2014
ISBN 978-3-89955-516-5
Digital Grotesque
Fabricate: Negotatiating Design & Making book
Fabricate: Negotatiating Design & Making
Edited by F. Gramazio, M. Kohler, S. Langenberg
gta Verlag, Zurich, 2014
ISBN 978-3-85676-331-2
'Castles Made of Sand' (p.92-97)
Out of Hand - Materializing the Postdigital book
Out of Hand - Materializing the Postdigital
Ron Labaco
Black Dog Publishing, London, 2013
ISBN 978-1908966-23-0
Subdivided Column (p.22-25)
Design Intelligence book
Design Intelligence
Xu Weigou, Neil Leach
China Architecture & Building Press, 2013
ISBN 978-7-112-15842-3
Student projects
Architectures Expérimentales 1950-2012 book
Architectures Expérimentales 1950-2012
Marie-Ange Brayer
Editions HYX, Paris, 2013
ISBN 978-2-910385-71-2
The Sixth Order
Naturaliser l'architecture - Archilab 2013 book
Naturaliser l'architecture - Archilab 2013
Marie-Ange Brayer, Frédéric Migayrou
Editions HYX, Paris, 2013
ISBN 978-2-910385-82-8
Digital Grotesque
Architecture in Formation book
Architecture in Formation
Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Aaron Sprecher
Routledge, 2013
ISBN 978-0-4155-3490-1
The Sixth Order
Paradise of Paper Art / 纸艺天堂设计 book
Paradise of Paper Art / 纸艺天堂设计
Yannick Yuan
Designerbooks, Beijing, 2013
ISBN 978-9-8816-0754-6
Subdivided column / Sixth Order (p.391-396)
Visuality for Architects book
Visuality for Architects
Branko Mitrovic
University of Virginia Press, 2013
ISBN 978-0-8193-3378-8
Subdivided columns
Digital Fabrication in Architecture book
Digital Fabrication in Architecture
Nick Dunn
Laurence King Publishing, 2012
ISBN 978-1-8566-9891-7
Subdivided column (p.76,85)
Scripting the Future / 建筑数字化编程 book
Scripting the Future / 建筑数字化编程
Edited by Neil Leach and Philip Yuan
Tongji University Press, Shanghai, 2012
ISBN 978-7-5608-4835-8
Genuinely Procedural […], V. Bühlmann (p.76-81)
Best Creatifes 2012 book
Best Creatifes 2012
Edited by Ramona Rockel
iF Design edia, Hamburg, 2012
ISBN 978-3-7913-4704-2
Various images (p.2,5,6,8,10,38,39,108,109,...)
eCAADe 2010: Future Cities book
eCAADe 2010: Future Cities
Conference Proceedings
ETH Zurich, 2010
ISBN 978-3-7281-3279-6
From Mesh to Ornament (p.285-293)
Autogenic Structures book
Autogenic Structures
Evan Douglis
Taylor Francis, 2009
ISBN-10 0415776899
Diverse structures (p.74-79)
Gwangju Design Biennale 2011 - Book 2 book
Gwangju Design Biennale 2011 - Book 2
Edited by Kang Un-Tae
Gwangju, 2011
ISBN 978-89-7059-606-8 (03600)
Sixth Order installation (p.109-111)
Qompendium - Volume 1 book
Qompendium - Volume 1
Edited by Kimberly Lloyd
Llyod & Associates, 2009
ISBN 978-3981039825
Sea of Tranquility, w. Per Zennstrom (p.221-235)
From Insect Nest to Human Architecture book
From Insect Nest to Human Architecture
Guy Théraulaz, Ricard Solé, Pascale Kuntz
European Centre for Living Technology (ECLT), 2009
Deterministic Algorithms and Form (p.191-203)
Generative Gestaltung book
Generative Gestaltung
Hartmut Bohnacker et al.
Hermann Schmidt Verlag, 2009
ISBN 978-3-87439-759-9
Platonic Solids
Distinguishing Digital Architecture book
Distinguishing Digital Architecture
Edited by Yu-Tung Liu
Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, 2007
ISBN 978-3-7643-8120-2
L-Systems in Architecture (p.164-148)
Responsive Volatility / 活潑建築 book
Responsive Volatility / 活潑建築
Edited by Jeong Der Ho
Tunghai architecture series, 2007
ISBN 978-987-9104-44-9
L-Systems in Architecture (p.121-137)