Digital Grotesque III  at BMW Art Club, Warsaw    

In his “Digital Grotesque” series, Hansmeyer fabricates architectural spaces with the help of custom machine learning algorithms, engaging with the figure of the Renaissance grotto – a cave that “inhabits a space between the man-made and the natural.” These spaces are not designed in the usual sense: the role of the artist was merely to set in motion and supervise the digital processes leading up to their creation.

It is a strategy that has more to do with “generating” space than plotting it out on paper or using CAD software. By harnessing algorithms, the artist can produce structures with a degree of complexity rivalling that of the natural world.

The latest instalment of “Digital Grotesque” consists of two parts. The first is a multimedia installation: a digital grotto inside which viewers can see its constantly changing forms being generated. The second part is a sculpture made using this process: an ornamental column constructed out of sand by state-of-the-art 3D printers.

Stach Stablowski