White Tower  (Tor Alva),  Mulegns    

At 30 meters in height, Tor Alva will be the tallest 3D-printed structure in the world. Set in the remote village of Mulegnsin the Swiss Alps, the White Tower will host music and theater performances and act as a beacon for the region. The White Tower's central design element consists of 32 branched Y-shaped, 3D-printed columns. Each column has a unique system of ornament consisting of larger undulating ribs and a smaller material-driven texture.

Designed by architects Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer, the Tor Alva is a vertical enfilade consisting of six floors. These abstract, atmospherically dense spaces range from dark and enclosed rooms at the bottom to light and airy ones on top. Visitors ascend a spiral staircase through a series of colonnades to reach a panoramic performance space on the top floor.