Michael Hansmeyer
14.12.2017 Talk at Narratives of a Near Future symposium, HEAD, Geneva
  HEAD Haute école d'art et de design – Genève, Nouveau Campus - Le Cube
  Link: Symposium program
16.10.2017 Talk at Experimental Architecture Biennale / EAB#3 symposium, Prague
  Kino Světozor, Vodičkova 41, 11000 Prague
  Link: Experimental Architecture Biennale #3
8.9.2017 Talk at Opening Symposium of Gwangju Design Biennale
  Asia Culture Center conference hall, Gwangju, South Korea. 13:00-17:30
  Links: Symposium program, Exhibition images, Gwangju Design Biennale
10.6.2017 Astana Columns premieres at Expo 2017 Astana
  Artists & Robots exhibition, Astana Contemporary Arts Center, Kazakhstan
  Links: Exhibition images, exhibition video, Astana Contemporary Art Center
17.5.2017 Lecture and exhibit at Future Cities 6: Marvelous
  University of Greenwich, London. Faculty of Architecture, 18:30
  Links: Lecture announcement, Greenwich University Architecture Department
14.3.2017 Digital Grotesque II premieres at Centre Pompidou
  Imprimer le monde exhibition, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 15.3 - 19.6.2017
  Links: Digital Grotesque II, exhibition information & images, Arte TV program
18.3.2017 Talk at Centre Pompidou "Les formes du digital" conference, Paris
  Parallel to "Imprimer le monde" exhibition, Cinéma 2 - Centre Pompidou, 14:00
  Link: Conference overview
16.2.2017 Talk at Supersensing Forum conference, Tokyo
  University of Tokyo, Ito Hall, 13:00
  Links: Conference overview, Supersensing Forum
15.2.2017 Grotto Prototype shown at Super Material exhibition, London
  The Building Centre, Store Street, London
  Link: Exhibition information
24.1.2017 Talk at DIA, Hochschule Anhalt Dessau
  Bauhaus Dessau, Main Hall, 18:00
  Link: DIA
10.12.2016 Talk at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
  Department of Art and Architecture, Room 209, 18:00
  Link: Lecture poster
15.11.2016 Reade Street façade restoration completed
  Historic Tribeca façade restoration with WORKac
  Link: Reade Street project
30.9.2016 Subdivided Columns at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
  +Ultra Gestaltung Schafft Wissen exhibition, 30.9.2016 - 8.1.2017
  Link: Exhibition information
9.9.2016 Reade Street cast-iron capitals featured in New York Times article
  Historic Tribeca façade restoration with WORKac.
  Links: New York Times article, images
1.9.2016 Subdivided Columns at Museum of Applied Arts and Science, Sydney
  Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital exhibition
  Links: Exhibition information, Sydney design week
12.5.2016 Talk at Graz Architecture Lectures, Graz
  Höhrsaal I, Rechbauerstraße 12, TU Graz, 12.5.2016
  Links: Graz Architecture Lectures, Lecture poster
9.5.2016 Talk at Architectural Association, London
  Bedford Square, Lecture Hall, 9.5.2016, 18:30
  Link: Lecture announcement
22.4.2016 Inhotim Monolith images added to web site
  Project for an installation at Inhotim, Belo Horizonte
  Link: Inhotim images and info
15.4.2016 Märchenwald images added to web site
  Venice Architecture Biennale 2016, German Pavilion competition
  Link: Märchenwald images and info
14.11.2015 Talk at ALGODEQ2 symposium, Tokyo
  Tokyo City University, 14.11, 13:30
  Link: ALGODeQ2 program
7.10.2015 Talk at SCI-Arc, Los Angeles
  Fall lecture series, Keck Lecture Hall, 19:00
  Links: Fall lecture series poster, Lecture series overview
14.5.2015 Arabesque Wall presented at Design Exchange, Toronto
  3DXL exhibition, Design Exchange, 14.5-16.8.2015
  Links: Arabesque Wall images, Design Exchange Toronto
14.5.2015 Talk at Computing with Nature symposium, Newcastle University
  Great North Museum: Hancock, 14-15.5.2015
  Link: Computing with Nature - program
9.5.2015 Digital Grotesque prototypes at Museum of Applied Arts, Winterthur
  Der Entfesselte Raum exhibition, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, 10.4-4.10.2015
  Link: Der Entfesselte Raum
17.4.2015 Talk at Data Across Scales symposium, Harvard GSD
  Piper Auditorium, 48 Quincy Street, Harvard GSD, 16-17.4.2015
  Link: Data Across Scales
1.4.2015 Talks at Kyoto University and Kobe University
  Kyoto University: 16.3.2015, Kobe University: 1.4.2015
  Link: Kobe University, SLED
19.3.2015 Subdivided Columns exhibited at Palais de Tokyo, Paris
  L'Usage des formes exhibition, 19.3-17.5.2015
  Links: Subdivided Column images, Palais de Tokyo
1.2.2015 Phenomena project published
  MoMA PS1 young architects program 2015
  Links: Pheomena images, video, and description, MoMA PS1 YAP
24.11.2014 Talk at Princeton University - School of Architecture
  Fall 2014 Lecture Series: The New How. With Patrik Schumacher
  Link: Princeton University announcement
3.7.2014 Launch of AD Magazine - Future Details of Architecture
  Edited by Mark Garcia, featuring Digital Grotesque
  Links: AD Architectural Design - Wiley, Digital Grotesque - surface studies
17.6.2014 Talk at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design
  AKB Architektur, Neubau 1, Hörsaal (3.OG), 19:00
  Link: Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design
13.3.2014 Talk at the Bartlett School of Architecture
  Material Matters lecture series, Bartlett School of Architecture, 18:30
  Link: The Bartlett - lecture announcement
5.3.2014 Launch of A Magazine curated by Iris van Herpen
  Featuring work from various designers, artists and architects
  Link: A Magazine curated by
20.2.2014 Talk at Digital-Postmodernities symposium, Yale University
  Yale School of Architecture, Hastings Hall, 14:30
  Link: Digital Post-Modernities: From Calculus to Computation
14.2.2014 Digital Grotesque and Woven Column presented at Fabricate 2014
  ETH Zurich, HIL Building, 16:30, 14.2.2014
  Link: Fabricate 2014, Woven column images
17.1.2014 Talk at Form - Rule 2014 symposium, Innsbruck University
  Koge - Institut für Konstruktion und Gestaltung
  Link: Form - Rule | Rule - Form 2014
12.11.2013 Digital Grotesque lectures in Wuhan, Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai
  Wuhan Design Biennale, HUST, 12.11.2013; Tsinghua University, 13.11.2013
  Tongji University, 18.11.2013; Southeastern University, 20.11.2013
  Link: Tsinghua announcement
8.11.2013 Talk at International Scenography Biennial, Ludwigsburg
  Filmakademie Ludgwigsburg, Albrecht Ade Studio, 12:40
  Links: International Scenography Biennial, ISB 2013 Program
7.11.2013 Lecture at University of Applied Arts Vienna (Die Angewandte)
  Sliver Lecture Series, Lichthof 2, 19:00
  Links: Institute of Architecture, Lecture poster
27.10.2013 Lecture at Tel Aviv University School of Architecture
  Fastlich Hall, Mexico Building, 19:30
  Link: Lecture poster
25.10.2013 Woven Column at Architektur 0.13 Werkschau exhibition, Zurich
  Maag Halle, Zurich, 25.10.2013 - 27.10.2013
  Links: architekur0.13, Woven column images
24.10.2013 Talk at Architecture et sciences : Une nouvelle naturalitée symposisum
  FRAC Centre Orléans, Scène nationale, 24.10.2013 - 25.10.2013
  Links: Colloques Archilab, Exhibition images
16.10.2013 Subdivided Column at Out of Hand exhibition, NYC
  Museum of Arts and Design, New York, 16.10.2013 - 6.7.2014
  Link: Out of Hand - Materialzing the Postdigital exhibition
30.9.2013 Lecture at McGill University School of Architecture, Montreal
  Fall 2013 Lecture Series, Macdonald Harrington Building: Room G10, 30.9.2013, 18:00
  Links: McGill School of Architecture fall 2013 lecture series, poster, poster2
14.9.2013 Digital Grotesque grotto at Archilab 2013 exhibition, Orléans
  FRAC Centre, Orléans, 14.9.2013 - 2.2.2014
  Links: Digital Grotesque images, Archilab exhibition, Exhibition images
12.9.2013 Lecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY
  Fall 2013 Lecture Series, Theater EMPAC Center, 12.9.2013, 18:00
  Links: RPI fall 2013 lecture series, poster
4.7.2013 Presentation "The Resolution of Architecture in the Digital Age" at CAAD Futures
  Tongji University, Shanghai, 17:00, 4.7.2013
  Link: CAAD Futures 2013
22.6.2013 Talk at 3D Printing Concrete conference at DIA, Dessau
  Dessau Institute of Architecture, 14:00, 22.6.2013
  Links: Dessau Institute of Architecture, DIA blog
10.6.2013 Woven Column at Design Miami/ Basel exhibition
  Messeplatz, Hall 1 South, Basel, 11.6 - 16.6.2013
  Commissioned by Swiss Architecture Museum SAM. With Benjamin Dillenburger.
  Links: Design Miami / Basel 2013, Swiss Architecture Museum SAM
10.6.2013 Digital Grotesque 1:3 White at Swiss Art Award 2013 exhibition
  Messeplatz, Hall 4, Basel, 11.6 - 16.6.2013
  Preview and opening on 10.6, 18:00. With Benjamin Dillenburger.
  Links: Swiss Art Award 2013, Swiss Art Awards exhibition images
8.6.2013 Digital Grotesque 1:3 Gold at Materializing exhibition, Tokyo
  Chinretsukan Gallery, Tokyo University of the Arts, 8.6 - 23.6.2013
  With Benjamin Dillenburger. Curated by Yusuke Oono and Taichi Sunayama
  Links: Materializing exhibition, Poster, Exhibition images
23-24.4.2013 Digital Grotesque lectures in Tokyo
  University of Tokyo / Todai (23.4, 18:30 - 20:00), Tokyo City University (24.4, 13:15 - 14:45)
  Tokyo University of the Arts / Geidai (24.4, 18:30 - 20:00)
  Links: University of Tokyo announcement, Geidai lecture summary
4.4.2013 Talk at Schweizer Baumuster-centrale Zurich
  Parametrisches Design, with Andreas Derrer and Beat Scherrer
  SBCZ, Weberstrasse 4, 8004 Zurich, 18:00 - 20:00
  Link: SBCZ Invitation
14.2.2013 Lecture at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim
  Lecture series: Digital/Analogue, opening lecture
  Dokkhuset Trondheim, 14.2.2013, 18:00
  Links: NTNU Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art, Lecture, Complete series
1.12.2012 Talk at Schweiz-Raümlicher Stand der Dinge conference, Zurich
  Curated by Hannes Mayer and Stephan Trüby
  Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK, Main Lecture Hall, 13:00
  Link: Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK, Spatial Design
24.10.2012 Lecture at Zurich University of Applied Arts ZHAW, Zurich
  Architecture Department, 17:00
  Link: ZHAW - Architecture Department
2.9.2012 Vernissage of 2012 Paper Bienniale Rijswijk
  Presenting a column negative in three parts
  4.9.2012 to 25.11.2012, Museum Rijswijk, Vernissage: Sunday, 2.9.2012
  Link: Rijswijk Museum - 2012 Paper Bienniale
1.9.2012 Talk at Proto/e/co/logics 002 conference, Rovinj, Croatia
  Curated by Alisa Andrašek and Bruno Juričić
  Link: Proto/e/co/logics 002 - The Field is Open
26.7.2012 "Undrawable", Lecture at Tsinghua University, Beijing
  Jackson Wong Hall, School of Architecture, 19:00
  Link: Tsinghua University School of Architecture
28.6.2012 Talk at TED Global 2012 conference in Edinburgh
  25.6.2012 to 29.6.2012, theme: 'Radical Openess'
  Link: TED talk: Building unimaginable forms
13.6.2012 Columns from the Sixth Order installation acquired by FRAC Centre
  Subdivided columns join the FRAC permanent collection
  Links: Sixth Order installation images, FRAC Centre
28.5.2012 "Super-specific" Lecture Series in China
  28.5: CAFA Architecture School, Beijing; 30.5: Tsinghua University, Beijing; 1.6: CAA Architecture School, Hangzhou; 4.6: Tongji University, Shanghai
26.5.2012 Cupola Prototype I - work in progress - at Procedural Arch. exhibition at MoCA, Taipei
  26.5.2012 to 30.6.2012, Vernissage: Friday, 25.5.2012. With Benjamin Dillenburger.
  Link: MoCA Taipei
21.5.2012 "Super-Specific", Lecture at Tamkang University, Taipei
  19:30, Architecture Department, Tamsui Campus
  Link: Tamkang University Department of Architecture, Event announcement
25.2.2012 Cabinet of Cupolas study added to web site
  With Benjamin Dillenburger. To be expanded over the next months
  Link: Studies for a Dome
13-15.11.2011 Presentation and discussion at Algode Symposium on Algorithmic Design
  Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ), Tokyo, 13-15.11.2011
  Link: Algode symposium
12.11.2011 Presentation at University of Tokyo's Digital Design Lab launch event
  12.11.2011 at 15:00, Engineering Building 1, University of Tokyo, Hongu Campus
  Link: Event announcement
26.10.2011 Lecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, London
  International Lecture Series, 26.10.2011 at 18:30, Darwin Lecture Theatre
  Link: Bartlett School of Architecture
29.9.2011 Column prototype shown at Self-Structure exhibition, Le Lieu du Design, Paris
  30.9.2011 to 17.12.2011, Vernissage: Thursday, 29.9.2011
  Links: Self-structure exhibition images , Le Lieu du Design
1.9.2011 "The Sixth Order", subdivided columns, opens at Gwangju Design Biennale 2011
  2.9.2011 to 23.10.2011, Vernissage: Thursday, 1.9.2011
  Links: Sixth Order exhibition images, Gwangju Design Biennale
27.4.2011 "Knots & Facets" exhibition together with Jens Risch at Smallspace, Berlin
  Vernissage Wednesday evening, 27.4.2011, at smallspace, Brunnenstraße 178, 10119 Berlin
  Links: Smallspace gallery, Jens Risch
1.3.2011 "Undrawable" lecture at Southeast University, Nanjing
  Architecture Department, Tuesday 1.3.2011, 19:00, room t.b.a
  Link: SEU Architecture Dept.
20.2.2011 Fabricated column prototype completed
  2.7 meter layered model made of 1mm sheet
  Link: Fabricated prototype images
10.12.2010 Web site redesign launched
  HTML & Javascript based. New column project added.
  Link: Subdivided columns
1 - 21.10.2010 "Undrawable" lecture tour in Japan
  With Benjamin Dillenburger / CAAD. Keio University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Tokyo, Kyoto Seika University, Kobe University, and six other universities.
  Link: Kyoto Seika announcement
18.9.2010 "From Mesh to Ornament" presented at eCAADe 2010
  Swiss Federal Instiute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich
  Link: eCAADe 2010
2.9.2010 Vernissage of Beyond Rational exhibition
  Presenting early column prototypes from the "From Mesh to Ornament" series
  Links: Beyond Rational blog, Hochparterre magazine
15.6.2010 "Subdivision Beyond Smoothness" presented at Computational Aesthetics
  British Computer Society, London
  Link: Computational Aesthetics 2010
1.6.2010 Column protoypes presented in Hochparterre Raumtraum feature
  Hochparterre magazine, 6/7 2010 edition
  Links: Raumtraum image , Hochparterre magazine
12.1.2010 Finnissage of Platonic Solids exhibition at Smallspace gallery
  January 12th at 19:00. Schliemannstraße 4, 10437 Berlin
  Link: Smallspace gallery
10.1.2010 Platonic Solids project in "11 Horses - the Viral Issue"
  Published by Berlin-based photographer Per Zennstrom
  Link: 11 Horses - the Viral Issue
5.12.2009 Anaglyph images of Platonic Solids added to site
  3-dimensional images visible using red-cyan glasses
  Link: Anaglyph Images
20.11.2009 Sea of Tranquility in Qompendium Print - Volume 1
  Collaboration with Per Zennstrom, edited by Kimberly Lloyd
  Link: Qompendium Print
12.11.2009 Vernissage of Platonic Solids exhibition at Smallspace gallery
  Wednesday, November 12th at 18:00, Schliemannstraße 4, 10437 Berlin
  Link: Smallspace gallery
18.10.2009 Book Launch "Generative Gestaltung" at Frankfurt book fair
  British Computer Society, London
  Link: Computational Aesthetics 2010
23 - 25.9.2009 "Deterministic Algorithms and Form" presented at From Insect Nest to Human Architecture conference
  Venice, European Centre for Living Technology [ECLT]
  Link: Conference site
Gwangju Biennale 2017
Gwangju Design Biennale 2017
Expo 2017 Astana
Artists & Robots
Expo 2017 - Astana
Digital Grotesque II
Digital Grotesque II, Centre Pompidou
+Ultra exhibition
+Ultra exhibition, Berlin
Obsidian House Cast-iron column capitals
Cast-iron capital, Tribeca façade
Graz Architecture Lectures
Graz Architecture Lectures
Inhotim Monolith
Inhotim Monolith
Arabesque Wall
Arabesque Wall
Der Entfesselte Raum - Gewerbemuseum Winterthur
Der Entfesselte Raum, Museum of Applied Arts Winterthur
l'Usage des formed - Palais de Tokyo
L'Usage des formes, Palais de Tokyo
Phenomena - MoMA PS1 competition 2015
Phenomena project
Digital Grotesque Surface Studies - Michael Hansmeyer
AD - Future Details of Architecture
A Magazine curated by Iris van Herpen
A Magazine curated by Iris van Herpen
Digital Postmodernities Yale
Digital Postmodernities
Artforum Michael Hansmeyer
Artforum February Cover
Out of Hand
Out of Hand / MAD
FRAC Centre Archilab 2013
Archilab 2013
Design Miami / Basel 2013
Design Miami / Basel 2013
Swiss Art Awards
Swiss Art Awards 2013
Materializing exhibition
Materializing exhibition
Digital/Analogue lectures
Digital/Analogue lectures
2012 Paper Biennal Rijswijk
Paper Biennale Rijswijk
Proto/e/co/logics 002
Proto/e/co/logics 002
TED Global 2012
TED Global 2012
TED Global 2012
FRAC Centre
self-structure exhibition
Self-Structure exhibition
gwangju design biennale
Gwangju Biennale
Undrawable lecture tour
Beyond Rational
Beyond Rational exhibition
Hochparterre Raumtraum Hansmeyer
Hochparterre Raumtraum
11 horses
11 Horses - Viral Issue
generative gestaltung
Generative Gestaltung